Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Progressive Falcon 18 station 16 Color

Progressive Falcon 
18 station 16 Color
Comes with 3 Quartz Flash Cures

20"x 28" Print Size
Servo Drive, AC Heads
Includes (3) Quartz Flash Cures
FOB New Jersey

Press Specs
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Crated up - Ready to ship 

must be set up with our Progressive Tech

code: ynot

M & R Challenger II - 16 Station 14 Color - Loaded

M & R Challenger II - 16 Station 14 Color 

Year 2001

Now Available !!

Machine will be cleaned & come with a warranty 


Servo Drive - AC Heads - Squeegee Pressure Regulator - Squeegee Flood Air Locks 
  located in Los Angeles Area

080156977C   Serial Number - Year 2001

Impression Count - only 1,742,093 

220 V 52 amps - 3 phase

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Re-conditioned Blog Site

Check out Our New

Re-conditioned Blog Site 

an Addition to This Site

Direct Link: http://reconspequip.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nedco EZ Fold 1000 / Bagger/Sealer ? & Incline Conveyor

Nedco EZ Fold 1000 /
Bagger/Sealer / Incline Conveyor 


Video available - please email to request

Better Pictures on  the Way 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

M & R Radicure 36" Electric Dryer

RADICURE D Electric  Dryer

8' in feed x 6' Heat section(4 panels) x 3' out feed

Built for long life and maximum performance, Radicure D is M&R's premium infrared electric screen printing conveyor dryer

The heavy-duty thermal insulation in M&R’s patented suspended-fabric insulating system prevents heat from migrating into the workplace, while CoolSkin™ technology leaves the dryer’s skin cool to the touch. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize conveyor dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost.

RENO HW Infrared Flash Cure Unit

RENO HW Infrared Flash Cure


not actual picture - we have 2 available 
size 18 x 18 

 Priced at 1,900.00 ea.

Reno HW is M&R’s most economical infrared flash cure unit for automatic screen printing presses. Its press-mounted shuttle design delivers smooth, dependable operation in a sleek, compact package. Reno HW’s digital temperature controller delivers accurate results, and its optional floor stand turns it into a multi-use flash cure unit that will suit the needs of many screen printing shops. With higher wattage for faster curing, Reno HW is an ideal infrared flash cure unit for M&R automatic screen printing presses.

will come with warranty 

M & R Gauntlet II - 12 Station / 8 Color

M & R Gauntlet II - 12 Station / 8 Color 
Year 2000 
                                                  comes with 2 QFU Quartz flashes

 only 2,300,000 impressions 

Servo Drive / AC Heads 

This machine was designed to have 2 open stations for the flash cures 

Available after September