Saturday, January 24, 2015

M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer

M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer 

Year 2005 

12' in feed x 12' Heat Section x 4' out feed 

230v 3 phase - 13 amps

In feed can be cut down - comes in 4' sections - you would also be able to expand the out feed 

belt can also be cut down 

Dryer extremely clean - belt in good condition 

located in San Diego 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

M & R Gauntlet II - 12 Color

M&R 2002 Gauntlet II - 12 Color
Year 2002
Loaded with all features 
                  W/ Servo Indexer, Electric Heads, Air Locks on Frames, Squeegees, Flood bar -Air Pressure Regulators on Squeegees,  1 set Pallets, Squeegees, Flood bars
                       2 Flash Cures (info & pictures coming)

5 Million Impressions  - Indexer bearings & shaft showing no wear or tear

This machine is in the process of being disassembled / Gone through & cleaned 

Heads so far that have been cleaned :

 It won't look like this we we get finished

M & R Sprint 2000 - 72" Wide Gas Dryer

M & R Sprint 2000 - 
72" Wide Gas Dryer  
year 2002 

8' In Feed x 12 Heat Section x 8' Out Feed

Dryer serial number is 030245884 S
300,000 btu
208/230v   22/20 amps   3 phase

code: nod

Monday, January 19, 2015

M & R Sportsman (6 Color) & M & R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer

M & R Sportsman (6 Color) w Reno Flash 
Year 2007 

A little old lady from Pasadena Press
Only 59,000 Impressions 

Why buy a Diamondback when you can get basically a new Sportsman
for a lot less  

M & R Mini Sprint 
Basically New 
4/8/4 - Standard Size

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

M & R Chameleon 14 Color / 8 Station - Side Clamps & Air Locks

M & R Chameleon 14 Color/8 Station 

Side Clamps & Air Locks 
Year 2005
located in Florida

has been used for just a sample press - 
extremely good condition 

Loaded with everything - 

This machine list today for over $27,000

Monday, January 12, 2015

ScreenPrinting Products App

     Download on Your Smart Phone 

         Screen Printing Products App
                      for your iPhone & iPad

10 Things you'll be able to do

1. Instant access to our Equip. Blog Site - updated every time you log on
2. Contact us via phone or email - instantly
3. Get an Equipment quote - directly from our Blog 
4. Find a service tech any where in the country 
5. Sell your Equipment on our Blog - upload your own photos 
6. Pallet section  / squeegees / flood bars - Order Directly
7. Leave messages - with an instant response from our sales staff
8. Current industry events 
9. Share our App 
10. Featured Equipment

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nedco E-Z Fold TX-5

Nedco E-Z Fold TX-5

debuting at the 
Long Beach Printed Sportswear Show -  
 more details will be available then  

The 1st Stubby Folder Ever  - takes up a lot less space than a standard 
folder - like about 5' Shorter -

This is a Brand New Machine - there will not be a need for us to sell used folders from here on out.
Why? Because of this new machine - It will be priced just a few Thousand Dollar more than what a good used machine would cost -

So Why would you need Used?